Q: Does your service provide refunding?

A: Yes! We allow 30 days for the return of your product with a full refund back! Please contact us for further details here 

Q: How long will it take before I get my product?

A: You will receive your product(s) of purchase within 2-3 weeks of purchase date. 

Q: What do I get if I sign up?

A: You will be in the list of people who get the most exclusive deals to the site! As well as being the first alerted when new products and deals are dropped! 

Q: What happens if I order one product more than once by accident and I don't need the extra?

A: No problem! Simply just send us an email with your issue and we will gladly take care of it with as much ease as possible! Full refund, no hassle! 

Q: When can I contact customer care?

A: Our team is working on bringing our customers 24/7 customer support. However, at the moment, our customer care reps are only available Monday - Friday (9:00AM (EST) - 9:00PM (EST)).

 Q: What if I never receive my purchase?

A: Contact us immediately and we will handle the situation based on your desire. Whether it be a full refund or shipping you out the same product free of charge. 

Q: How do I know where my order is?

A: Follow the tracking number sent thru your emails or contact us with your order number, we'll hel you out. 

Q: What if my order does not arrive within 2-3 weeks?

A: Unfortunately, we have 0 control regarding that issue. We provide you the products, a third party company delivers them to you. However, if your order does not arrive in the designated time, you can simply email us whether to check for a missing product, or you can refund your order for the full price of purchase. 

Q: What if I receive my product and it is damaged?

A: We can assist you with that depending on the damage you claim. If it is missing pieces, chipped, ripped, or anything of that nature, we can issue you a replacement of the same product (free of charge), or issue you a full refund.  

Q: Can I remove my account?

A: Of coarse! We do not force our signee's to anything! Your account is simply just for us to determine who our true customers are so we provide you with extra value. You can terminate your account at any time you wish. 

Q: Can I order something from my card and have it shipped somewhere else like to a friend or family member?

A: We do not have a yes or no answer to this question. We would like to say yes and we would hope the answer is indeed, yes. But it all depends on your card providers policy. Which as you know, is something we cannot determine. 

Q: Is this company "legit"?

A: Yes! Without a doubt! Our company is trusted by it's customers and as a result we have repeat customers and customers who sign up for our mailing list! All of the products sold on this site are also legit and are proven to be the best quality for your every dollar!

Q: I just order some apparel, when will it arrive?

A: All items usually get shipped within 24-48hrs after you order. This doesn't include weekends or holidays. Once we ship your order, it should get to you in a few days (usually 8-12 days if you live in the US), or a few weeks (if you live outside the US). We’ll send you an email with a tracking number once it ships. 

Note: during peak times (around Christmas), your order might take longer to print and be delivered. Please allow up to 3 more days from the expected delivery date.

Q: My Tshirt has a smell! Can I change it?

A: Because of the way we print and ship our shirts , they may have a faint smell on arrival. Please hang the shirt for a few hours in a ventilated area and the smell will go away.

Q: I ordered 2 or more items, why did I only receive one? 

A: Since we are not like any of the other company around, when you order multiple items at a time they might be shipped separately. This is because some of our products come from different manufacturers. Our sticker & phones cases, for example, are printed at a different facility than our t-shirts. You may receive one item before the next. So don't panic if you don't receive all of your items at once… they will get to you!

Q: I placed an order but I din't receive a confirmation email...what's going on?

A: Kindly check your SPAM folder to see if your confirmation email was sent there.

Q: Oh NO!, I messed up my shipping address and/or shirt size! Can I change it?

A: If this happens to you, just contact us as soon as you can and we might be able to take care of it. However, we can't make any promises. We'll still try to make it right. We know how frustrating it can be to pay for something you can't use.

Q: I don't have a tracking number, when will I get it?

A: You will receive an email with the tracking number once your order has shipped.

Q: But WAIT! My traking number doesn't work...Are you guys a SCAM?

A: No we are not a scam. If your order has just shipped, please allow some time for the status of the shipment to correctly display on the USPS tracking site. Thank you for ordering!

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